Safely Remove a Dangerous Tree

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Removing trees can be a difficult, dangerous task. Without the proper equipment, you could drop a tree on your home, vehicle or lawn, causing major damage. That's why you should turn to Stump Eater for crane tree removal services in Murfreesboro, Smyrna & Arrington, TN. We use a heavy-duty crane (also known as a grapple saw) to remove trees of all sizes from your property quickly and safely.

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See why grapple saws are so important for tree removal

Need a giant tree removed from your yard? We can help. Stump Eater offers crane tree removal services in the Murfreesboro, TN area. Cranes can:

  • Keep people safe during the removal process
  • Remove trees without damaging property
  • Remove trees quickly to reduce their risk of falling

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The safe, low impact solution for tree removal!

How can you remove trees without damaging your property? And what's the best way to prevent branches from breaking loose and crashing down on your house or people nearby?

With our BIK GrappleSaw truck, Stump Eater can remove trees without having lots of people and equipment on your property. Plus, the grapple saw is much safer than traditional tree removal methods and can do the job in only half the time. All without making tracks or causing any other kind of wear-and-tear to your yard.

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Posted by Stump Eater on Monday, June 1, 2020