Does Stump Eater provide Tree Removal and Tree Trimming services?

Yes, Stump Eater is a full service Tree Care company providing true tree care for all of your trees. Not only do we offer Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Branch Removal and Stump Grinding, but we also offer Plant Health Care Services. Learn more about Plant Health Care and how Stump Eater is more than just a tree cutting service.

What areas do you service?

As a locally family-owned-and-operated company, Stump Eater is from and provides our primary service to residents of Rutherford County. We focus first on our neighbors in Rutherford County. Our family and all employees live in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Christiana with our offices being located in Murfreesboro. While we are willing to drive to Maury, Williamson, Davidson, and Wilson counties when requested, we do not focus any marketing or efforts in these areas and work strictly off of referrals from friends and family in these areas. If you are from Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, My Juliet or Lebanon, feel free to contact us about getting a free estimate. We will take care of you despite our focus on our local neighbors here in Rutherford County.

Do you offer free estimates and consultations?

For tree removal, tree trimming, branch removal, or stump grinding we do offer a free estimate. Stump grinding estimates can usually be given over the phone via a short interview with a verbal quote provided via phone and a digital quote sent via text and email. For Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, or Branch Removal we do need to come onsite to take a look. Pictures can be deceiving and there are many elements involved in your tree removal or tree trimming service. Items such as access, risks to structures, amount of debris, power lines, and other factors can impact your tree services. We like to make the free estimate process as easy as possible and as convenient as possible for you. In many cases we can do this without a need to meet you onsite so long as we have clear instructions on what is needed.

For Plant Health Care consultations we will send our ISA Certified Arborist with 30+ years as plant pathologist onsite for a full site consultation on any trees or plants on your property. This service does have a consultation fee but the consultation fee is credited back against any services you agree to proceed with after consultation.

Can you grind tree roots that run along the surface of my yard?

Stump grinding tree roots running along the surface of your yard is something that we can do. However, it is important to note that doing so to existing live trees could damage the tree significantly and open the tree up to longer term health concerns that may lead to needing a removal. We do not recommend grinding roots for live trees unless you have a plan to remove the tree in the near future.

How big of a tree can you remove?

So far we have not found a tree removal that was too big for us to remove regardless of the location. We operate with the mentallity that "anything is doable, but it may not be worth it." The largest tree we have removed to date was a 120ft Oak Tree with a trunk diameter at chest height of 66 inches and a stump of over 8ft in diameter. With a fleet of large trucks, loaders, heavy equipment and cranes at our disposal there is no job too big for Stump Eater Tree Service.

Do you remove the stump grinding debris after grinding a stump?

Our stump grinding service is best though of as various service offerings. Our base stump grinding service consists of grinding the stump and backfilling the hole with the stump grindings once complete. This way we are not leaving a large hole in the yard. For large stumps this can sometimes leave a mound of debris and hauling away of excess material is recommended for additional charges. For customers who choose Stump Eater Tree Service to remove a tree for them, we will haul away excess stump grinding debris as part of the job leaving just enough stump grinding debris to fill the hole and keep it level.

We do offer additional services including stump grinding debris removal, top soil back fill and even sod placement if you are looking to see a quick recovery from an unsightly stump in your yard. These services may carry additiona charges beyond standard stump grinding services.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept just about any form of payment we can document. We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, offer financing options, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and even Crypto Currency. Choosing to finance a tree removal or tree service in Rutherford County is a rather unique service and we make it easy. When you get your free quote from Stump Eaters Tree Service near the bottom of the quote is an "Apply for Financing" option. Click the option and take 3 minutes to fill out the simple application. We can finance from $500-$15,000 often times with 0% interest and terms from 3 month to 24 months depending on your approval status. You will receive your application status instantly before you approve the quote, select your terms, and then approve your quote if you would like to proceed with financing. It is important to note that we do charge a 3.5% Convenience Fee for all non-cash or check payment options. This will be shown on your quote and will be removed at time of payment if you choose to pay with cash or check.

I have large limbs hanging over my yard from my neighbors tree. What can I do about this?

Tennessee law gives rights to the homeowner for any portion of trees or limbs that hang over the property line. What is on your side belongs to you and what is on their side belongs to them. While we cannot remove a tree on a neighbor's property without their permission, we can trim branches or limbs hanging over the property line above your property. Always remember, we are in the tree business and are not attorneys so it is always good to get an official legal opinion from an attorney if you are having property line disputes with a neighbor.

I have a large tree that may fall on my neighbors property. Am I liable if it does?

There is not a quick answer to this question and it is always good to seek legal advice in such situations. With that said, Tennessee has an Act of God law that says, (paraphrased) if a tree falls due to natural causes including inclement weather, where the tree falls is the responsibility of the property owner where it falls. What this means is, if a tree falls onto your property from a neighbors property it becomes your property and the responsibility of cleaning up and clearing it (and all associated damages) are now the responsibility of the party on whom the tree fell. This means you don't have direct liability for a tree that falls from your property onto a neighbors property. Let's clarify that in all of these cases there is the "legal" answer and the "neighborly" answer. While you may have no legal obligation to remove a tree that puts a neighbor at risk, as a community and desiring to be good neighbors we may choose to remove a tree that puts our neighbors property at risk simply because it is the neighborly thing to do.

Please remember to seek legal counsel on this but, it is possible that letters to/from a neighbor regarding a potential risky tree that later falls creating property damage could give credence to a lawsuit of fault on the part of the owner of the tree warned about the tree ahead of time. Again, seek out legal advice on the proper way to do this and the efficacy of such a decision.

I have a really tall tree that concerns me. Do you top trees?

The Tree Care Industry Association "TCIA" forbids the topping of trees because it will actually make the tree more dangerous over time. When trees are topped it creates unnatural growth for new limbs that form. As these limbs get larger the new growth does not have the correct grain structure and can actually break and drop large limbs onto persons or property below. Additionally, making large "topping" cuts will usually compromise the health of a tree. The only exception this rule is the Bradford Pear tree for several reasons. First, Bradford Pears are already structural weak and if they do not have weight reduced from the top they will split and damage property or persons. Second, Bradford Pears are extremely hardy trees and can almost not be killed other than old age. Finally, Bradford Pears are considered an invasive species by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and Tennessee is making strides to get rid of Bradford Pears across the state because of their impact to agriculture in the state. We will top your Bradford Pear trees but outside of Bradford Pear trees, because we care about your trees and their health we will not top a tree. As a true tree care company, we care more about your property and the health of your trees than we do about the money we could charge you to top your trees.

Is Stump Eater Tree Service "licensed and insured?"

It is important to note that in the State of Tennessee there is no official license for tree work outside of a business license needed by anyone doing business. If you come across a tree company advertising as "licensed and insured" they are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and lying to you as part of their marketing process. If a company lies during marketing it is likely they will lie in other areas and we recommend avoiding them.

The more important question is, are you "properly" insured? When evaluatin a tree company, ask for a copy of the Certificate of Insurance. Check their insurance for general liability with coverage of at least $1 million to make sure your property is fully covered in the event of significant damage. Also check their Certificate for Workers Compensation insurance to protect yourself. You do not want to be sued by an employee or even an owner if they are injured on your property and do not have the proper coverage. Stump Eater recommends contacting the insurance agent listed on their COI and making sure their insurance is currently active as some deceptive companies have been known to pay their initial annual installment to get a certificate, but do not keep their premiums up to date and experience a lapse in coverage. Stump Eater does carry General Liability and Workers Compensation and is fully insured for any and all circumstances.

When do I pay my bill?

Stump Eater Tree Service does not seek to have you pay your bill until ALL work has been completed according to the agreed upon work order. This keeps us motivated to finish all work and protects you from any risk of being taken advantage of. Any tree company asking for payment of any amount before work is complete exposes you to the risk of them not coming back to finish the debris or stump grinding. We recommend waiting to make payment until ALL work is finished no matter how emotionally based or compelling their story may be. We have witnessed even the mos well intentioned people taken advantage of by very deceptive people.

Will you be able to access my small back yard?

Many tree companies use bucket trucks to handle tree trimming and tree removal. This can make it VERY difficult to do any kind of trim work in a tight back yard. At Stump Eater Tree Service we utilize a spider lift, a very specialized tight-access, low-impact lift device. Our spider lift can drive through a 36-inch gate, setup with "spider legs" and then raise our tree trimmers up to a vertical height of 75ft and a horizontal outreach of 33ft. This make Stump Eater Tree Service uniquely suited to to access and trim trees in tight areas or places where driving a bucket truck may damage yards and property.

Many tree companies use bucket trucks to handle tree trimming and tree removal. This can make it VERY difficult to do any kind of trim work in a tight back yard. At Stump Eater Tree Service we utilize a spider lift, a very specialized tight-access, low-impact lift device. Our spider lift can drive through a 36-inch gate, setup with "spider legs" and then raise our tree trimmers up to a vertical height of 75ft and a horizontal outreach of 33ft. This make Stump Eater Tree Service uniquely suited to to access and trim trees in tight areas or places where driving a bucket truck may damage yards and property.

We like to keep the process clean, easy, and done with good communication. Start by requesting a Free Estimate from our website. The form will take about 30 seconds to fill out. Once your request is received, one of our representatives will give you a call during business hours to confirm your estimate which is usually the same/next day. Depending on whether you

need to be home or not, our sales team will show up, take pictures, review the job and write up an estimate. We will send the estimate to you via text message and email, or if those are not an option discuss in person. Once you approve, our scheduling team will give you a call to schedule the work based on your desired schedule and our availability. The day of tree work our team will show up, complete the work as outlined in the work order and once complete they will complete the job and invoice for the services. If you are home you can pay then or you can pay online/mail in your payment following receipt of the invoice. As a final courtesy to us and other clients, we always send you a request for a review. This is a great way to keep us honest and make sure we do a great job so your review will be added to the many 5-star reviews we already have. THANK YOU!

Have no fear, if you have questions about this process as we proceed, our team will do a great job communicating with you every step of the way.

Do I need to meet anyone onsite at any time or can everything be done without my being there?

This depends a little bit on your job and your willingness to communicate via phone, text and email. We do however do about 40% of our work for both residential consumers, property managers, and commercial clients without ever meeting the client in person. We leverage technology and great customer service to make the process as easy and flexible with your schedule as required.