Give Your Trees a Long, Healthy Life

Bring in our certified arborists for tree care in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Arrington, TN & surrounding Rutherford County areas

Middle Tennessee is home to many annoying landscape pests, like carpenter bees and termites. These pests might be hard to see, but they can do major damage to your trees. Stay on top of your plant health care with help from Stump Eater. We provide specialty tree health care services in Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Arrington, TN. You can trust us to treat your plants and trees carefully to minimize the threat of pests, diseases and rot.

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Treat your trees to professional TLC

Most people expect their trees to be low-maintenance, with minimal trimming needed over the years. So when you're trees need more than that, keep Stump Eater on call.

Our certified arborists will...

  • Inspect for diseases, damage and pests
  • Provide treatment recommendations
  • Deliver injection and drench applications
  • Offer soil condition recommendations
  • Take preventive action to protect your trees

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