What's the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Removal?

We're a stump grinding company in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Arrington, TN & surrounding Rutherford County areas

Stump removal is a time-consuming process. When you remove a stump, you also have to remove the roots. Root balls can grow to be four to 10 times the size of the existing tree trunk. Stump Eater in Murfreesboro, TN will grind up all the stumps in your yard. Instead of digging out every root and leaving a massive hole in your yard, stump grinding simply allows us to grind the existing stump into pulp.

If you want to avoid having massive holes in your yard, contact our team today.

Why choose stump grinding?

Our stump grinding services will cover all your stump removal needs. Stump grinding is a simpler process and will leave you with a level yard. Every stump grinding process is the same. It includes:

  • Grinding the stump into a pulp
  • Filling in the previous stump hole with pulp
  • Leaving the roots to decay on their own

Instead of wasting your time and energy digging up an old stump and all the roots, schedule stump grinding service. Call 615-796-6694 now to learn more about our stump grinding services.